Electric mountain bikes is a kind of electric bicycle suitable for mountain biking on designated roads. These bikes feature the technology and components of a traditional mountain bike, but with an additional motor and battery to help riders conquer rugged trails. For those who love outdoor adventures, electric bicycle mountain bikes are a great helper. But before choosing the right electric mountain bike, riders need to know something about the E-MTB, such as the difference between electric mountain bikes and traditional mountain bikes, the best electric mountain bikes and more.

Electric Mountain Bike VS Traditional Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes and traditional mountain bikes are both bicycles designed for mountain riding. The common point is that they can help riders cross rugged mountain roads and experience the thrill of climbing. The difference is that E-MTB relies on electricity, while MTB relies on human power for startup and acceleration. Both types of mountain bikes have their own pros and cons.

1. Mountain Electric Bike

- Pros:

  • Electric mountain bikes use auxiliary power to climb hills, which can save uphill time, save more energy for the rider, and make riding easier;
  • Electric bicycle mountain bikes are faster, enabling riders to cover longer distances in less time;
  • Mountain bike electric bikes allow riders to explore more terrains and trails and have a richer and more interesting riding experience.

- Cons:

  • Mountain bike electric bikes are heavier than traditional mountain bikes, especially some giant MTB electric bikes - due to the additional large-capacity battery and electric motor, the bike will be bulkier;
  • Electric mountain bikes are more difficult to clean and maintain than traditional mountain bikes;
  • In cold weather, electric mountain bike batteries drain quickly.

2. Traditional Mountain Bike

- Pros:

  • Traditional mountain bikes allow riders to get a better workout;
  • Traditional mountain bikes are lightweight and easy to carry;
  • MTBs are more affordable;
  • No need to worry about battery consumption and maintenance.

- Cons:

  • Traditional mountain bikes cannot use auxiliary power to increase speed, which will consume more energy from the rider;
  • In the same amount of time, a traditional mountain bike will cover a much shorter distance than an EMTB;
  • Traditional mountain bikes are slower.

a man riding a mountain bike

How Long Do Electric Bicycle Mountain Bikes Last?

How long do electric mountain bikes last? On average, an e-bike lasts between 3 and 7 years, with results affected by a variety of factors including usage, battery life, maintenance, quality and the environment.

1. Usage

When used more frequently, the components of an electric mountain bike wear out faster and their service life is shortened. In addition, daily cleaning, storage, and transportation of EMTB will also affect the life of the bicycle. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the mountain electric bike, it is recommended that the owner cleans the e-bike regularly, stores it in a dry and safe place to avoid unnecessary impacts or drops, and uses appropriate transportation methods to help prevent damage and extend its life.

2. Quality

The quality and performance of the e-mountain bike itself are key factors in determining its longevity, including the quality of the motor, the quality of the battery and the condition of the bike. Generally speaking, high-quality electric mountain bikes with durable frames, reliable components, and sturdy construction tend to have a longer lifespan.

3. Battery life

The battery life has a huge impact on the life of an electric mountain bike. Generally speaking, electric bicycle mountain bike with better-maintained batteries will last longer. So, how to maintain the battery? First, owners should follow the manufacturer's battery charging guidelines as much as possible; secondly, avoid charging when the battery is completely exhausted and overcharging is also a bad habit; Finally, when not in use, store the electric mountain bike in a cool, dry place.

4. Maintenance

A well-maintained electric mountain bike will have a longer life, which requires owners to arrange for professionals to inspect the bike regularly, and to develop good maintenance habits, such as keeping the bike clean and ensuring that the tires are correctly inflated and in good condition, regularly lubricate the bicycle chain, maintain the battery and motor, etc.

5. Environment

Natural environmental factors such as temperature and humidity will have a significant impact on the service life of electric mountain bikes. Extreme temperatures as well as rain and snow will have a negative impact on the life of the bicycle. Therefore, when the temperature is too high or too low, or it rains or snows, the electric mountain bike owner should pay special attention to the maintenance of the bicycle.

a mountain covered with snow

How Much Do Mountain Electric Bikes Cost?

The price of electric mountain bikes varies greatly depending on factors such as model, quality, performance, cost, etc., but they generally range from $1,000 to $10,000. Compared with traditional mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes are more expensive, but they are also more efficient and perform better.

Best Electric Mountain Bikes 2023

When choosing an EMTB, it is strongly recommended that riders give priority to the following best electric mountain bike 2023.

1. Engwe M20

The Engwe M20 is an all-terrain electric mountain bike that features fast charging and long range, allowing riders to ride effortlessly on various terrains. In addition, this best electric mountain bike also has dual suspensions and 20*4.0-inch fat tires, which can make the ride smoother and more comfortable, allowing the rider to enjoy every moment of riding. In addition to M20, Engwe has also developed many other high-quality electric mountain bikes, such as Engwe X20, Engwe X24, Engwe X26, Engwe E26, Engwe Engine Pro and other all-terrain electric bikes. For information on these bikes, please check out the Engwe E-bike Store.

engwe m20 electric mountain bike

2. Aventon Aventure.2

Aventon Aventure.2 is also an all-terrain electric bike with fat tires that can help riders conquer various types of terrain. The biggest difference between this electric mountain bike and the Engwe M20 is that it only has front suspension and its cruising range is much shorter.

3. Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL

The Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL is a new lightweight electric mountain bike that adds enough power to allow riders to go faster and further. This e-mountain bike is also equipped with front and rear suspension to reduce the discomfort caused by rough mountain roads.

The Bottom Line

The high efficiency, long range and high performance of electric mountain bikes are unmatched by traditional mountain bikes. If you're looking for faster, farther, and more adventurous exploration, then an electric bicycle mountain bike is undoubtedly a better choice.

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