As the days grow shorter and the icy grip of winter tightens, We are proud to unveil our limited edition X26 & X24 Ymir e-bikes. Like stalwart companions built for the coldest months, these e-bikes draw design inspiration straight from the heart of winter.

The sleek icy blue color scheme mirrors the otherworldly blues of glaciers and frozen lakes. It aligns seamlessly with the hues of the approaching winter season. We wanted to capture the visual essence of winter’s beauty and inject it into the core of these e-bikes. The result is a stunning limited edition aesthetic that promises adventure in even the most frigid conditions.

The Ymir namesake also roots itself in Winter’s mythic ethos. In ancient Norse legend, Ymir was a formidable frost giant who emerged from icy chaos. Ymir's strength and resilience came to represent the harsh power of winter. We channeled this mythic might into the engineering of the X26 & X24 Ymir, crafting e-bikes to withstand and thrive through winter’s challenges.

The X26 Ymir in particular packs a giant-sized punch. Its robust brushless motor can conquer steep snowy hills with power to spare. The dual battery system provides an incredible week of use on a single charge. With three times the power and double the battery life of its competitors, the X26 Ymir brings relentless stamina to your winter adventures.

To tame slippery slopes and icy trails, the X26 rolls on 26” x 4” fat tires. The wider footprint grips snow and slush for confident handling across all terrains. No matter the weather, hydraulic disc brakes give you precise stopping power right when you need it.

We built the limited edition X26 & X24 Ymir to be formidable partners for winter fun. Their designs echo the visual poetry of winter while packing the punch to romp and ride through snow and ice with ease.

But don’t just take our word for it. Be one of the first to experience their winter wonder yourself. Sign up for our X26 & X24 Ymir Release Promotion between October 16th and 29th. Ten lucky winners will be chosen to receive their own limited edition Ymir e-bike just in time for winter.

With the X26 & X24 Ymir, the ice and snow transformed from challenges into opportunities for adventure. Let these limited edition e-bikes unlock winter’s thrills as your reliable companion through the coldest months. Their unique designs reflect the beauty of winter while overcoming its hurdles.
October 17, 2023 — Market Engwe