The popularity of electric bikes is increasing day by day as people find it a more affordable and suitable option which helps to be light on pocket as well as environment and can be used on all types of terrains. However, some people are unwilling to spend a lot of money on electric bikes and instead choose to convert bikes to electric bikes in order to jump on the bandwagon.

If you are looking forward to knowing how to convert a bike to electric, then this guide will be of great benefit to you. So let's continue reading below.

convert bike to electric

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Why Convert Your Bike?

You must have one thought in mind: why should you convert bicycle to electric bike? Well, there are various reasons which you should look forward to such conversion.

When you convert bikes to electric, you can save a lot of money by not purchasing a new e-bike and rather converting an existing bicycle for a very small amount. Moreover, when you use conversion kits for converting the bicycle to an e-bike, you can use multiple configurations, which help you adjust the motor power based on your requirements, followed by the adjusted battery capacity.

When you convert your bike to electric bike, your old bicycle gets a new life, and you feel satisfied with such a transformation. It is no doubt a rewarding job to have this successful conversion, which makes your life easier and more enjoyable.

Choosing the Right Conversion Kit

If you are looking forward to convert normal bike to electric one, there are a few things regarding the conversion kit that you should consider, as it is very important to have the right conversion kit for a successful conversion. Some of these aspects are as follows:

1. Motor Type

The selection of the right motor is very important at first, you must understand the different types of motors first and then choose the suitable one.

  • Hub Motor: A hub motor is a very affordable option and is also easy to install. It is available in rear-wheel and front-wheel options.
  • Mid-Drive Motor: Mid-drive motor has the capability of integration with the drivetrain, it offers a natural experience of riding but is much more complex to install.

2. Motor Power

It is important to choose a motor which is according to the local regulations and also is suitable for your requirements, when you opt for a higher wattage you can find riding on hills easier.

3. Battery Capacity

When you convert your bike to electric one, you must choose a battery by considering essential factors like terrain, riding distance, and the level of assistance you require. It is very important to choose the right battery for an excellent experience.

electric bike battery

4. Compatibility

The e bike conversion kit you choose must be compatible with the frame size of the bike followed by type or bake and wheel size; the bike must be capable of handling the weight of the conversion kit.

Gathering The Tools And Materials

When you start the process of converting the bike into electric, some of the important tools that you must gather are as follows:

  • Different sizes of wrenches
  • Strippers and wire cutters
  • Grease
  • Cable ties
  • Zip ties
  • Allen keys
  • The entire electric bike conversion kit

Step-By-Step Guide to Converting Your Bike

When you look forward to converting your bike to electric, the important steps that you must follow to achieve success in conversion are as follows:

1. Prepare Your Bicycle

You must start with preparing your bicycle, and for this, if your bicycle has any baskets or bottle holders that cause a disturbance in the procedure, make sure to remove them. Clean the bicycle thoroughly and also check every component to ensure that there are no obvious wear and tear signs.

2. Mount the Electric Motor in the Vehicle

The most crucial part of converting a bike to electric is installing the motor. The motor brake needs to be fastened to the bicycle bracket, and you must ensure that the alignment is perfect.

Once the motor is aligned, it is placed in the bracket to ensure that it perfectly fits the bicycle's drivetrain.

electric bike motor

3. Attach the Controller and the Battery Pack to the Vehicle

There are two components that are very important: the battery pack and the controller, which help the bike generate power. Hence, you must fix the battery pack with the frame of the cycle and ensure that it is aligned in the center to keep the balance of the bike firm.

Also, when connecting the cables for the battery pack to the controller, you must ensure that everything is safely done and that adequate insulation is present.

4. Wiring and Checking the Circuits

Once you have installed the battery pack, controller, and motor, make sure to connect each of the components carefully. When you connect different parts, make sure to route the wires carefully and ensure that all the connections are secure. Once the wiring is completed, test the bike.

Another Option: Buy an Electric Bike Outright

However, if you think that you cannot convert your bicycle into an electric bike and wish to have a convenient and affordable e bike option to purchase, you must consider Engwe e bikes. These e bikes are much more affordable and are equipped with various models and options to invest in.

You can choose from e-bikes with the best batteries and motors, lightweight frames, and options for both fat and thin tires that cater to every type of terrain. Additionally, if you need a foldable e-bike that are easy to store and carry, you will find those as well.

Some of the popular and convenient models offered by Engwe are Engwe L20, Engine Pro 2.0, Engwe M20, and many more. Or you can simply complete this Quiz to quickly find the electric bike that suits you.

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As you have gone through this guide, you must have learned how to convert bikes to electric; however, if you find it inconvenient and not suitable for your liking, then you must check out the e bikes offered by Engwe, and you will be able to grab something very versatile, and affordable.

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