What is the Difference Between Power and Torque in Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes are growing rapidly in reputation across Europe as an effective and environment-friendly form of transportation. While it is beneficial to purchase an electric bike, it is important to understand the difference among power and torque when you pick out an e-bike.

In this article, let's discover the differences between power and torque, how they impact your ride experience, and which should come first when buying an e-bike.

thoughtful mother's day gifts - e-bikes

Why E-Bikes Make Perfect Mother's Day Gifts? Top 5 Reasons

Mother's Day is a special occasion dedicated to expressing our gratitude and love for the mothers and maternal figures in our lives. Traditionally, we seek gifts that are not only thoughtful but also useful. As technology advances, so do our options for gift-giving, leading to innovative choices like electric bikes, or e-bikes. Mother's Day gifts for mom continue to change with time times.

These modern marvels are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their blend of convenience, utility, and fun. They represent a thoughtful way to show appreciation, offering benefits that mom can enjoy all year round. Make Mother's Day 2024 one she will remember and join us here at Engwe Bikes as we say happy Mother's Day!

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Discover Giant E-bike and Its Alternatives

In the dynamic world of electric bikes, a handful of brands and companies have surged ahead of the pack in terms of selection, quality, and popularity. This trend lends insight to a significant shift towards more sustainable commuting options that focus more on individual transportation that is safe, sustainable, and affordable. There are many essential features of e-bikes as well as a diverse range of users—from the daily commuter to the weekend trail explorer.

a man rides a hybrid e bike engwe p20

Hybrid E Bike Buying Guide: What, Why & How

The landscape of urban transport is changing, and bicycles remain at the forefront of this shift. Among the myriad of choices, the hybrid e bike is gaining remarkable traction. Combining features from road bikes, known for speed and agility, and mountain bikes, built for rugged durability, electric hybrid bikes are drawing an increasingly diverse group of enthusiasts. Casual riders, daily commuters, and fitness aficionados are all turning to hybrid bikes as versatile solutions to their needs. Here is what you need to know to find the best electric hybrid bike available today!

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Electric Bike VS Normal Bike: Selecting Your Ideal Ride

The world of cycling is booming, with two distinct trends taking center stage: electric bike vs normal bike. Companies like Engwe are at the forefront of the e-bike revolution, offering stylish, powerful, and affordable options for riders of all experience levels. While e-bikes offer a technological twist that simplifies commutes and expands riding horizons, normal bikes remain a timeless symbol of exercise, freedom, and eco-conscious transportation.

Ultimately, the "best" bike depends entirely on your individual needs and preferences. This guide will explore the strengths of both e-bikes and normal bikes, helping you make an informed decision about which ride best suits your cycling goals.

abril 23, 2024 — TangIcey
a man wearing a helmet rides a green e-bike on the road

Fastest E-bikes and How to Master the Speed Safely

Electric bikes, also commonly known as e-bikes, have surged in popularity over the last decade. The reason for this is simple and obvious as these bikes combine convenience, versatility, adaptability, and, notably, speed. This blog aims to explore some of the fastest e-bikes available on the market and discuss crucial safety tips for riders, ensuring they can embrace the thrill of speed without compromising safety. Let's look at some of the fastest electric bikes available!

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Engwe's Grand Event: Engwe P20 Launch & 10 Year Anniversary

Today is an exciting day as Engwe's grand event officially begins. This is a long-planned event to celebrate the official launch of the new product Engwe P20 and Engwe's 10th anniversary store celebration. Engwe P20 is a foldable miracle that will inject new blood into the field of foldable electric bikes and bring new changes, allowing more people to enjoy the convenience brought by folding electric bikes. At the same time, in order to celebrate the 10th year of Engwe, we have prepared a 10th anniversary store celebration event. The discounts of this event are the largest in the whole year, so don't miss it.

Now, let's dive into the highlights of the Engwe P20 and Engwe's 10 year anniversary celebrations.

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The Definitive Handbook: Mastering Fold up Electric Bikes

The electric bike is a marvel of modern transportation technology, quickly gaining popularity in urban and suburban areas. With the combination of affordable options, easy maintenance, sustainable impacts, and reliable design and features, it is no wonder the e-bike is so popular. And among the many styles of electric bikes on the market, one of the most innovative by far is the fold up electric bike. These bikes combine the cutting-edge advancements of electric bikes with the convenience of a foldable design. They are also lighter and more versatile than other bikes, appealing to a wide range of users. Today we are going explore the evolution, key features, and reasons behind the growing popularity of fold-up electric bikes. We will also offer some helpful tips to ensure you find the folding electric bike that is right for you!

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3 people ride engwe x20, x24 and x26 e-bike on the beach

What Was the Best E-bike? Top 5 E-bikes of 2023 - 2024

Electric bikes have surged in popularity over the years thanks to being such a fun and versatile mode of transportation. Whether they are used for commutes, exercise, or leisure activities, e-bikes continue to garner more fans every year. With their eco-friendly nature and ease of use, e-bikes have captured the interest of a diverse audience, with 2023 being one of the best years yet in terms of new models and sales. So what was the best e bike of 2023? What electric bikes are poised to make waves in 2024? Let's find out and take a peak at the top electric bikes 2023-2024 has brought to us.

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a man rides a black engwe engine pro e fat bike downhill

Discover E Fat Bikes: Pros, Cons & Top Engwe Bikes

In the realm of e-bikes, e-fat bikes stand out as rugged adventurers, conquering a variety of terrains from snow-covered trails to sandy beaches. With their unique power, versatility and off-road capabilities, fat e-bikes have gained widespread popularity. This article delves into the fascinating world of e-fat bikes, exploring their features, pros and cons. We'll weigh the pros and cons of owning one, considering factors like versatility, environmental impact and maintenance. Additionally, we will recommend the highly regarded Engwe fat e-bikes, which are renowned for their performance and reliability in the electric fat bike world.

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Final Countdown! Engwe P275 Promotion Only Has 2 Days Left

Starting from the launch of the new product P275 on February 19, Engwe has provided active and preferential promotions for new and old customers, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate experience of P275 Pro and P275 ST electric commuter bikes at an affordable price. Now the event has entered the final countdown stage! There are only 2 days left for the Engwe P2725 promotion to end. If you miss this opportunity, you will no longer be able to buy Engwe P275 at such a discounted price.

electric bike comparison: engwe p275 pro vs. p275 st

A Complete E-bike Comparison Between Engwe P275 Pro and P275 ST

The P275 Pro and P275 ST are the city e-bikes recently released by Engwe. Not only do the two new e-bikes share similar names, they also share some similarities - they are both designed for urban commuting, have the same range (up to 260 kilometers), and use some of the same bike components, such as Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 19.2Ah Samsung cells lithium-ion battery, Selle Royal saddle and Air seatpost, etc. But as two different products, there must be differences between them. Want to know what the differences are? Just look at this e-bike comparison between Engwe P275 Pro and P275 ST.