I'm delighted to introduce our exciting X-series E-bikes: the ENGWE X26, X24, and X20. We aim to break free from the confines of the budget e-bike label with this series, bridging the gap between performance and affordability.

Following the overwhelming success of our X26 E-bike, which notably raised over a whopping $1,000,000 on Indiegogo in 2022, we've pushed the limits further. We have refined the already advanced X26 and unveiled the new X24 and X20 models.

Deciding on Your Perfect ENGWE X Series Bike

Here at ENGWE, we run a diverse fleet of bikes designed to cater to every rider's preferences. Whether you prioritize power, range, or comfort, our X Series selection for 2023 is bound to offer a model that fits your needs. Below are a few key factors to consider while choosing among our ENGWE X26, X24, and X20 models:

Power Supply and Range
  • ENGWE X26: This model prioritizes strength and performance. It boasts a robust battery size with dual batteries of 19.2Ah+10Ah, enabling it to cover an impressive range of 143 miles on a single charge.

  • ENGWE X24: Sharing the X26's powerful motor and identical dual batteries, the X24 maximizes endurance with an extended range of 149 miles.
  • ENGWE X20: The X20 provides substantial power for the long haul. Its dual batteries of 14Ah+7.8Ah power a respectable range of 124 miles.

Wheel Size and Performance

  • ENGWE X26: The X26 is fitted with large 26.0X4.0 inch fat tires for control and comfort on various terrains. With a max speed of 31 MPH, hydraulic disc brakes, and triple suspensions, your ride is guaranteed to be smooth and safe.
  • ENGWE X24: Like its counterpart, the X24 offers a great combo of speed, control, and comfort with a max speed of 31 MPH and comes with 24.0X4.0 inch fat tires backed by hydraulic disc brakes and triple suspensions.
  • ENGWE X20: Despite being fortified with slightly smaller 20.0X4.0 inch fat tires, the X20 does not compromise on performance. With a max speed of 31 MPH, hydraulic disc brakes, and triple suspensions, you're assured a pleasant ride.

Pricing and Discounts

All these excellent models are currently available at a discounted rate:

  • ENGWE X26: With strength, robust battery, and extended mileage, the X26 is priced at €2,299.00, with an ongoing discount of €150.
  • ENGWE X24: A great option that combines generous range and performance at the cost of €2,099.00, currently discounted by €150.
  • ENGWE X20: Providing compact power and performance in a budget-friendly way, the X20 is yours for €1,799.00, with an ongoing €150 discount.

By considering your individual needs and preferences regarding power, range, tire size, and pricing, you can identify the perfect ENGWE X Series bike for your lifestyle.

Celebrate with ENGWE and Save

In celebration of the launch, we're offering an exclusive chance to enjoy early-bird prices. By signing up, customers can get a fantastic discount of €150 off on any ENGWE X-series e-bike. Plus, you'll also be entered into a competition with a chance to win one of 100 special gifts!

ENGWE's X-Series E-Bikes are a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality, performance-focused e-bikes. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a biking enthusiast, there's something in this series for everyone. Making a choice depends on your specific needs, whether it's the range, tire size, or power that most appeal to you.

17 augustus 2023 — Market Engwe