This the season for joy and giving! As we approach the festive holidays, ENGWE is excited to make your Christmas extra special with our electric bike range. Our Christmas sales extravaganza starts on December 11th, offering unbeatable prices and exclusive gifts, ensuring this season is filled with mobility, freedom, and joy.
Unmatched Offers - Save Big This Festive Season
Our Christmas sale is the perfect opportunity to own an ENGWE e-bike with remarkable discounts up to €450. Whether you're seeking a bike for commuting, off-road adventures, or just a stylish ride, our promotion has something for everyone.
ENGWE Electric Bikes: Designed for Every Rider
Engwe X Series: Ideal for off-road enthusiasts, featuring a 250W motor, 100KM range, and a max speed of 25KM/h.
● Engwe L20, E26, P26: Perfect for stylish commuting, these models offer a 250W motor, 140KM range, and a max speed of 25KM/h.
● Engwe M20: A retro look with a 250W motor and a dual battery system, providing a 150KM total range.
● Engwe Engine Pro and EP-2 Pro: Our best-sellers with a robust 250W motor, 120KM range, and a max speed of 25KM/h.
A Sustainable Choice That Goes Beyond
ENGWE's Christmas promotion isn't just about exceptional deals; it's about fostering a transition to more sustainable transportation. Our e-bikes are designed to minimize carbon emissions, making them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious riders.
More Than a Gift - It's a Statement of Love and Care
In the essence of generosity, we recognize that certain presents transcend mere physical objects. They symbolize affection, thoughtfulness, and a pledge towards a brighter, eco-friendlier tomorrow. This Christmas, bestow the gift of an ENGWE electric bike - a token that surpasses mere materiality, delivering delight, liberation, and a stride towards an eco-conscious way of living.

Save the date and join us in celebrating a joyous and eco-friendly Christmas with ENGWE's electric bikes.
December 12, 2023 — Market Engwe