Engwe P275 includes two urban e-bikes, Engwe P275 Pro and Engwe P275 ST. The electric bikes are crafted by the Engwe team and uses a variety of well-known bike components such as Samsung lithium-ion batteries, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and more. The advantages and features of these well-known bike-components are fully utilized on ENGWE P275 electric bikes, while also improving the quality and performance of P275 Pro and P275 ST, providing riders with an excellent riding experience.

What are the noted bike components of Engwe P275 e-bikes? How did they achieve the unparalleled Engwe P275? Let's learn about them one by one.

1. Efficient Torque Sensor Bafang Mid-Drive Motor and 3-Speed Automatic Gear Hub Makes Riding Easier (Engwe P275 Pro)

The Engwe P275 Pro e-bike has an efficient 250W Bafang mid-drive motor with 65Nm of torque, which not only makes the ride smoother and quieter, but also makes the ride easier and ensures a sweat-free journey. In addition, P275 Pro is also equipped with a Bafang 3-Speed Automatic Gear Hub (GHA-3), which can automatically adjust gears according to pedal speed, providing seamless power, making riding more natural and relaxed. With the help of Bafang mid-drive motor with 65Nm of torque and 3-Speed Automatic Gear Hub (GHA-3), Engwe P275 Pro city e-bike allows commuters to achieve an easy and sweat-free commuting journey, improving the commuting experience.

bafang motor on engwe p275 pro e-bike

2. Gates Carbon Drive Belt Makes Maintenance More Convenient (Engwe P275 Pro)

The Engwe P275 Pro is equipped with the worry-free Gates Carbon Drive belt, which not only ensures a quiet and smooth pedal drive, but also eliminates chain-related rust and grease issues. The P275 Pro using the Gates Carbon Drive belt is very easy to maintain, which can reduce the time and cost of electric bicycle maintenance and provide convenience for riders.

3. Powerful Samsung Cells Lithium-ion Battery Creates the Longest Range

Both Engwe P275 Pro and P275 ST electric bikes use 19.2Ah Samsung cells lithium-ion battery, which has a relatively long battery life. When only doing short commutes in ECO mode on flat terrain, you only need to charge your Engwe P275 e-bike once a week. What's more, this powerful battery significantly extends the Engwe P275's range – delivering an impressive range of up to 260 kilometers (161 miles) in ECO pedal-assisted mode. It can be said that this cruising range is unmatched by other similar electric bicycles.

4. Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes Make Braking More Effective

Both ENGWE P275 Pro and P275 ST electric bikes are equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which work with the mid-drive motor to ensure the e-bike starts and stops effectively in all weather conditions, increasing riding confidence and safety. In addition, Engwe P275 electric bikes are also equipped with puncture-resistant and shock-absorbing tires, reflective rims to ensure that riders can ride smoothly and safely on any terrain.

5. Selle Royal Saddle and Air Seatpost Makes Riding More Comfortable

The Selle Royal saddle is a great e-bike component - it's soft and comfortable, which helps improve the comfort of the Engwe P275 Pro and Engwe P275 ST electric bikes. Besides, the Engwe P275 e-bikes are also equipped with Air seatpost, allowing riders to easily adjust the seat and find their own comfort zone, making riding more enjoyable.

6. Bafang/Ananda TFT Display Provides Real-time Information

Although the Engwe P275 electric bikes are equipped with different LED displays, the P275 Pro is equipped with a Bafang TFT DP C244 display, and the P275 ST is equipped with an Ananda TFT D18 display, they are both able to clearly provide real-time information, including current speed, riding mode and battery level.

In addition to the well-known bike components mentioned above, other components of Engwe P275 Pro and Engwe P275 ST, such as integrated front lights, rear lights, etc., also help improve the performance of electric bicycles, making Engwe P275 stand out among the crowd of city e-bikes, becoming the new standard for urban commuting.

a man riding an engwe p275 pro and a woman riding an engwe p275 st

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Using well-known bike components, the Engwe team has carefully crafted the Engwe P275 Pro and Engwe P275 ST electric bikes, aiming to provide people with better and more cost-effective urban electric bicycles, and provide people with more comfortable and convenient riding experience through the well-made products.

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