Battery 16AH For L20

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Nur für:
160 km im Elektromodus 1
49 km im Elektromodus 5
Etwa 6–6,5 Stunden
13,7 Zoll * 4,7 Zoll * 3,9 Zoll (35,00 * 12,00 * 10,00 cm)
8,8 lbs (4,0 kg)

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Customer Reviews

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L 20

I have multiple sclerosis and I chose this bike after various research for its ease in climbing and descending. I must say that I have read everything about its strengths and weaknesses but I can assure you that it works well. It helps me a lot. Two defects, if we want to call them that, I would have put brakes. calipers with double piston and being 183cm tall I would need an adjustment of the handlebar height effective autonomy is 80/90 km used in the city with a speed of 20 km I am very satisfied thanks engwe you give me a great help

My Engwe L20 is perfect for photo excursions in the forest and nature!

After much research, reading and comparisons, I made the decision to buy an Engwe L20. I like the look of the bike and the step through variant makes it easier for me to get on and off. Because when I'm out on my photo excursions in the forest and I see a bird or an animal, I can quickly stop and access the camera in the bag that I have on the front rack. Some notes:
1. Assembly Process: Assembling the Engwe L20 was surprisingly straightforward. The clear instructions and included tools made it hassle-free, no problem at all. Within a short time, the bike was ready for action. Double-checking the screws was a smart move to ensure safety I was thinking. But it was well assembled already from the factory.
2. Battery Capacity: I bought an extra battery. So whether for daily commutes or longer rides, the range now is more than enough for a day.
3. Comfortable Ride: The upright riding position and padded saddle ensure a comfortable journey. The 20” tires and low-step frame cater well also to smaller riders as me, providing a relaxed and enjoyable ride.
4. Cargo Racks and Accessories: The Engwe L20 comes equipped with both front and rear cargo racks. These are rated for 29 lb (front)and 55 lb (rear), allowing you to carry photography equipment, fishing equipment. Or whatever another essentials or groceries easily. The included fenders, lights with brake activation, and kickstand add practicality and safety.
However, there are a one aspect to consider, the weight: The L20’s weight (89.29 lb) can be challenging to lift ot, especially if you need to carry it upstairs or onto public transport.

As spring now approaches, I’m sure I will enjoy exciting excursions on my Engwe L20! Happy riding! 🚴‍♀️🌼