The P275 Pro and P275 ST are the city e-bikes recently released by Engwe. Not only do the two new e-bikes share similar names, they also share some similarities - they are both designed for urban commuting, have the same range (up to 260 kilometers), and use some of the same bike components, such as Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 19.2Ah Samsung cells lithium-ion battery, Selle Royal saddle and Air seatpost, etc. But as two different products, there must be differences between them. Want to know what the differences are? Just look at this e-bike comparison between Engwe P275 Pro and P275 ST.

E-bike Comparison Between P275 Pro and P275 ST

To sum up, the differences between Engwe P275 Pro and Engwe P275 ST are mainly reflected in the following 7 aspects. Here is a simple e-bike comparison:

simple e-bike comparison between p275 pro and p275 st

This is the specific electric bike comparison.

1. Frame

- P275 Pro: Engwe P275 Pro is a high-step electric bike. High-step frames generally provide a more stable and rigid structure, which is beneficial for aggressive riding, off-road trails, or when higher speeds are involved. However, this frame can be inconvenient for riders with limited flexibility or mobility - making it difficult for them to get on or off the e-bike.

- P275 ST: Engwe P275 ST has a step-thru frame. A step-through frame, also called a low-step or open frame, features a lower or no top tube, allowing you to move through the frame more easily without having to lift your legs over the top tube. This design prioritizes ease of use, comfort and accessibility and is particularly popular among riders, especially those with joint problems, older riders or those who wear skirts or dresses. However, a step-through frame may have a slightly less rigid structure than a high-step frame.

2. Power

- P275 Pro: Engwe P275 Pro urban e-bike is powered by a 250W Bafang mid-drive motor with 65Nm of torque. The 250W Bafang mid-drive motor with 65Nm torque is suitable for commuting, leisure riding, light off-road and other riding scenarios. It is a great choice for riders looking for a balanced and efficient e-bike setup, especially those who will encounter hilly terrain on their rides.

- P275 ST: Engwe P275 ST city e-bike is powered by a 250W Ananda mid-drive motor with 70Nm of torque. The 250W Ananda mid-drive motor is efficient and reliable, meshing directly with the bicycle chain, effectively utilizing the electric bike's gears and providing a natural feel while riding, and is suitable for a variety of riding conditions. The 70Nm of torque is helpful for handling steep hills and providing strong acceleration.

3. Belt/Chain

- P275 Pro: Engwe P275 Pro is paired with Gates carbon belt. This is a belt drive system designed specifically for bicycles (including electric bikes) that has the advantages of low maintenance, smooth and quiet operation, clean, lightweight, long service life, and no grease.

- P275 ST: Engwe P275 ST is paired with Shimano 9-Speed chain. This chain is typically made from durable materials and is designed to work seamlessly with Shimano 9-speed drivetrain components.

4. Gear Shifter

- P275 Pro: The P275 Pro e-bike uses the Bafang 3-Speed Automatic Gear Hub (GHA-3). This is an internal gear hub with an integrated automatic transmission system, designed to work seamlessly with the Bafang mid-drive motor. It features automatic transmission, internal gears, simplicity and convenience, and can help improve the riding experience.

- P275 ST: The P275 ST uses a Shimano 9-Speed shifter, which is designed to control the movement of the chain between different gears.

5. Display

- P275 Pro: The display of the P275 Pro e-bike uses Bafang TFT DP C244.

- P275 ST: The display of the P275 ST e-bike uses Ananda TFT D18.

6. Price

- P275 Pro: The original price of the P275 Pro e-bike is 2199 euros, with an early bird price of 1899 euros (ends March 17, 2024).

- P275 ST: The original price of the P275 ST e-bike is 1899 euros, with an early bird price of 1599 euros (ends March 17, 2024).

7. Weight

- P275 Pro: The Engwe P275 Pro has a bike weight of 25.3 kg (55.77 lbs).

- P275 ST: The Engwe P275 ST has a bike weight of 25.6 kg (56.43 lbs).

e-bike comparison: engwe p275 pro vs. engwe p275 st

Engwe P275 Pro or P275 ST? How to Choose?

As you can see, there are many differences between P275 Pro and P275 ST, so how should you choose when buying an electric bike? In general, the P275 Pro is more suitable for those who pursue speed and adventure; while the P275 ST is more suitable for those who pursue a relaxed and comfortable riding experience. If you consider the price, then P275 ST may be a more ideal choice.

In fact, there are detailed introductions to these two products on the website. You can browse or consult the staff, and then choose according to your needs.

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This is the e-bike comparison between Engwe P275 Pro and P275 ST. When choosing an electric bike, you can refer to this comparison and then choose an electric bicycle that suits your needs.

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