The Engwe P275 e-bikes have been successfully launched in Europe and have begun to appear in people's field of vision. No doubt some cycling enthusiasts or commuters will be curious about these two newly launched e-bikes – How is the Engwe P275? Is it worth buying? I believe the Engwe P275 e-bike reviews given by professionals can help you find the answer.

Engwe P275 Pro E-bike Reviews

Engwe P275 Pro is an urban e-bike designed for flat urban and rural roads. It has a simple and stylish appearance and is composed of a variety of well-known bike components, including Bafang mid-drive motor, Bafang 3-Speed Automatic Gear Hub ( GHA-3), Gates Carbon Drive belt, 19.2Ah Samsung cells lithium-ion battery, etc., with a cruising range of up to 260 km, making it the perfect companion for urban commuting and short trips.

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engwe p275 pro e-bike

Now let's take a quick look at a few key Engwe P275 e-bike reviews and e-bike tests.

1. Engwe P275 Pro city e-bike review: Grynaveislis miesto žirgas -

The is among the first media to test the Engwe P275 Pro. After comprehensively testing the e-bike, gave very comprehensive and detailed test results and reviews of the Engwe P275 Pro e-bike in the article "Grynaveislis miesto žirgas! 260km viena įkrova ir geriausių pasaulyje gamintojų komponentai. Išbandėme ką tik pristatytą fantastišką el. dviratį (FOTO, Video, „Engwe P275 Pro“ apžvalga)".

The content of this electric bike review includes the bike’s components, weight, quality, riding methods, cruising range, etc., and briefly summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the Engwe P275 Pro. Overall, rates the Engwe P275 Pro very highly:

„Engwe P275 Pro“ - pagaminimo ir surinkimo kokybė nepriekaištinga. Garsiausių ir pasaulyje lyderiaujančių komponentų gamintojų detalės yra šiame el. dviratyje. Tad klausimų dėl to nekyla.

It believes the build and build quality of Engwe P275 Pro is impeccable and highly recommends this e-bike to people in need.

2. Engwe P275 Pro e-bike fully tests and reviews from influential Youtubers

Influential Youtubers from different countries have uploaded videos about Engwe P275 Pro electric bike including:

Filipe View

Scooterhelden Berlin



The content of these videos includes unboxing, component display or description, e-bike testing, etc. This is one of the most viewed videos, published by with 1.33 million subscribers.

Engwe P275 ST E-bike Tests & Reviews

P275 ST is another electric bicycle launched by Engwe this time. It is also an urban electric bike designed for commuting, and it also has many similarities with Engwe P275 Pro, but they are not exactly the same. This is mainly reflected in their frames, motors, chains, handlebars, and gear shifters. We will elaborate on the specific differences between the two in other articles in the future. Now let’s take a look at the testing and evaluation of P275 ST by professionals.

engwe p275 st e-bike

1. Engwe P275 ST Electric Bike Review: An e-bike that eats kilometers -

After owning the Engwe P275 ST and driving it for a few kilometers, shares with his readers his conclusions about this urban e-bike through the article "(Análise) Engwe P275 ST: Uma e-bike que come quilómetros!" The author shares his test results and usage experience in terms of design and construction quality, performance and autonomy. Overall, thinks this is an aggressive, handsome and very well-made model, and considers it to be one of the most satisfying e-bikes he has tested.

Bem, já tive a oportunidade de testar várias bicicletas elétricas nestes últimos anos, e sempre recebi alguns modelos interessantes. Mas, muito honestamente, nenhuma e-bike me encheu tantos as medidas como esta.

É um modelo agressivo, bonito e muito bem construído, que não apresenta nenhuma falha realmente atroz que seja um “deal-breaker”.

2. Engwe P275 ST e-bike fully tests and reviews from influential Youtubers

After testing the e-bikes, some Youtubers uploaded videos to share their opinions and feelings about the Engwe P275 ST, such as:


Express Review – High-Tech Tester


Idriss le nomade

RCLifeOn Reviews

Many of them recorded in detail the entire process of the package they received, unboxing, assembly, and use, and told people about the advantages and disadvantages of Engwe P275 ST from a professional perspective.

Here is the Engwe P275 ST test video from LlegaVideos:

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The e-bike reviews and e-bike tests received from different professionals tell us that the Engwe P275 Pro and P275 ST are very cost-effective commuter e-bikes. They both use well-known bike components and have a range of up to 260km, while providing a comfortable and relaxing riding experience. According to professional e-bikes tests and urban e-bikes reviews, they are both well worth buying e-bikes.

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