In the world of electric bicycles, there are countless options to choose from, each boasting unique features, designs, and technologies. For those in the market for a new e-bike, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the options. Here, we'll put four popular e-bikes under the microscope: the Engwe P20 Ace vs Ado Air 20 vs Fiido D11 vs Fiido X. Each of these e-bikes has garnered rave reviews for their impressive performance, sleek designs, and competitive prices. But which one reigns supreme? Let's dive in and find out.

bike comparison: engwe p20 ace vs ado air 20 vs fiido d11 vs fiido x

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A Brief Comparison Between Bikes

Here's a quick glance at the key specifications of each bike:

Top Speed
Motor Power
Bike Weight
Engwe P20 Ace 25 km/h Up to 100 km 250W silent hub motor 18.5 kg
Ado Air 20 25 km/h Up to 100 km 250W Brushless hub motor 16 kg
Fiido D11 25 km/h Up to 100 km 250W motor 18.5 kg
Fiido X 25 km/h Up to 130 km 250W Brushless geared motor 19.8 kg

A Detailed Bike Comparison: Engwe P20 Ace vs Ado Air 20 vs Fiido D11 vs Fiido X

1. Engwe P20 Ace

The Engwe P20 Ace is the Olympic Limited Edition of the Engwe P20, with a unique exterior design that pays tribute to the 2024 Olympics. This is an excellent entry-level electric bike with a sturdy aluminum frame and a comfortable seatpost, perfect for casual riders who want a reliable ride. The P20 Ace is equipped with a powerful and silent 250W motor, which provides sufficient acceleration and climbing ability while ensuring a quiet and comfortable riding experience. At the same time, it is relatively light and has a foldable frame, providing great portability.

engwe p20 ace folding electric bike


  • Affordable price point: The Engwe P20 Ace offers an unbeatable price point of €1199, making it an attractive option for those on a budget. This makes it an excellent entry-level e-bike for those new to the world of electric bicycles.
  • Comfortable ride: The P20 Ace prioritizes rider comfort with its silent motor, adjustable stem and seat, and SR seat. This means you can ride in comfort without distractions from loud noises or discomfort from poor ergonomics.
  • Good acceleration: With 42Nm of torque, the P20 Ace's motor provides decent acceleration, allowing you to quickly get up to speed and tackle gentle hills with ease.
  • Portability: The bike can be easily folded within 10 seconds using a 3-step process, making it a great option for commuters who need to store their bike in a small space or transport it on public transportation.


  • Limited range: Unfortunately, the P20 Ace has a limited range of about 100km, which is more suitable for daily commuting or short trips.
  • Less powerful motor: The P20 Ace's motor power is only 250W, which complies with European electric bicycle laws and regulations. Compared with some high-powered electric bicycles, the P20 Ace's motor power is small.

2. Ado Air 20

In the Ebike comparison, we found that the Ado Air 20 is the lightest of the four models, at only 16kg. And it also has a foldable design, making it a convenient commuter folding electric bike. In order to meet the needs of different users, Ado also launched the CE Version (250W) and the International Version (350W), but for European users, the CE Version is a better choice because it meets the standards of European legal electric bicycles and can be ridden on ordinary roads.

ado air 20 lightweight folding e bike


  • More Power Options: The Ado Air 20 offers two power options, the CE Version with a 250W motor and the International Version with a 350W motor, catering to different riders' needs and preferences.
  • Lightweight: With a weight of only 16kg, the Ado Air 20 is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry or store when not in use. This also makes it an excellent choice for commuters or those who need to navigate through crowded cities or public transportation.


  • Shorter Range: Despite its powerful motor, the Ado Air 20 has a relatively shorter range of up to 100km. This may not be suitable for long-distance riders or those who need to travel extensive distances daily.
  • Limited Display Features: The Ado Air 20's display system is IPX7 waterproof and features an IPS color display, which is good but not exceptional. The limited display features may make it less user-friendly compared to other e-bikes with more advanced displays. Riders may find it lacking in features such as GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, or customizable display settings.

3. Fiido D11

Of the four models we compared, the Fiido D11 is the cheapest folding e-bike at just €799,00. It's on par with the other models in terms of motor power and top speed, but it's a little behind in other performance aspects. For example, the Fiido D11 has a torque of just 32Nm, which results in poor acceleration and climbing ability. Also, the battery of this e-bike takes a long time to charge, taking around 7 hours, while the P20 Ace only takes 5 hours.

fiido d11 foldable ebike


  • Affordable price: The Fiido D11 is priced at a reasonable €799, making it an accessible option for those on a budget.
  • Convenient carrying: The bike's foldable design makes it easy to carry and store, making it perfect for those with limited storage space or who need to take their bike on public transportation.


  • Noisy motor: The Fiido D11's motor can be noisy, which may be a drawback for some riders who prefer a quieter riding experience. This could be particularly problematic for early morning or late evening rides when noise levels are a concern.
  • Limited acceleration and climbing ability: The bike's 32 Nm torque is relatively low compared to other e-bikes in its class, which may make it challenging to accelerate quickly or climb steep hills.
  • Long battery charging time: The Fiido D11 takes around 7 hours to fully charge its battery, which may not be ideal for riders who need to use their bike daily or have limited time to recharge.

4. Fiido X

The Fiido X is also available in 250W and 350W versions, but its performance is slightly better than the Fiido D11, so it is also more expensive, priced at €1.299,00, which is also the most expensive of the four models. The 250W Fiido X has a maximum speed of 25km/h and a range of up to 130km, while the 350W version has a maximum speed of 32km/h and a range of up to 110km. However, it takes about 7 hours to charge, which is a disadvantage shared by these two Fiido models.

fiido x foldable electric bike


  • Exceptional Range: The Fiido X boasts an impressive range of up to 130km/110km on a single charge, making it an ideal choice for long-distance riders who want to explore new territories without worrying about running out of battery power.
  • Advanced Display Features: The Fiido X features a state-of-the-art LED display that provides a wealth of information to the rider.


  • Expensive price point: The Fiido X is an e-bike that comes with a premium price tag. This may be out of budget for some riders who are looking for a more affordable option. However, for those who prioritize performance and advanced features, the Fiido X may be worth the investment.
  • Noisy motor: The Fiido X's motor can be quite noisy, which may be distracting or unpleasant for some riders. While this may not be a deal-breaker for many, it's an important consideration for those who value a quiet ride.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the perfect e-bike for your needs, it's essential to consider factors such as performance, range, design, and price. Based on our Engwe P20 Ace vs Ado Air 20 vs Fiido D11 vs Fiido X e-bike comparison, here's a summary of each bike's strengths:

  • The Engwe P20 Ace is an excellent budget-friendly option with impressive performance for its price. What's more, it's an Olympic Limited Edition with a unique design and limited quantities.
  • The Ado Air 20 offers a lightweight and portable option.
  • The Fiido D11 is the cheapest option among these e-bikes.
  • The Fiido X provides an outstanding range and excellent performance for its price.

Ultimately, each bike has its unique advantages and disadvantages. We recommend considering your specific needs and compare between the bikes you are interested in before making a decision. If you prioritize affordability and decent performance, the Engwe P20 Ace might be the way to go.

As we've seen in this guide of comapring electric bikes, each bike offers something unique to cater to different riders' needs. Whether you're looking for budget-friendliness or top-of-the-line performance, there's an e-bike out there for you.

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