We are overjoyed to introduce our new X Series E-Bikes: the X26, X24, and X20. Building upon the tremendous success of the X26 e-bike, which astonishingly raised $1,000,000 on Indiegogo in 2022, we are breaking new ground in the world of electric biking with the advanced X26 model, while also introducing the exciting X24 and X20 models.

But that's not all – we're rolling out a special celebration offer that you won't want to miss! Sincerely invite all you biking enthusiasts out there to join us in commemorating this significant milestone. By signing up, you'll gain exclusive access to our early-bird prices, featuring an incredible discount of €150 off or $100 off on any ENGWE X-series e-bike. And the excitement doesn't end there – participants will also stand a chance to win one of our 100 special gifts, adding an extra layer of delight to your experience.

Now, let's dive into the heart of the matter – the X-Series and the incredible adventures they promise. Our X26, X24, and X20 e-bikes are transforming short trips into thrilling journeys, providing you with a versatile and exhilarating road experience like never before. The names of these models correspond to their tire sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit based on your specific preferences and needs. Among these, the X24 e-bike has garnered significant attention, owing to its exceptional cost-to-performance ratio.

Speaking of the X24, allow me to introduce you to its extraordinary features:

Impressive Range: The X24 boasts a formidable 19.2Ah+10Ah Dual Battery system, enabling you to conquer up to 54 miles (87KM) in electric mode (Level 5) and an astonishing 149 miles (240KM) in PAS mode (Level 1). Say goodbye to worrying about battery life during your extended journeys.

Powerful Motor: Equipped with a robust brushless gear motor, the X24 electric bike ensures exceptional performance, whether you're tackling city slopes or suburban terrains.

Superior Comfort: Our triple suspension system, featuring front hydraulic shock, middle mechanical shock, and rear air shock, guarantees unparalleled comfort, with shock absorbance three times better than standard e-bikes.

All-Terrain Fat Tire: The X24's 24.0x4.0 inch fat tire offers enhanced stability and resilience against compression, making it the perfect companion for all types of terrain.

Reliable Braking: Safety is paramount, which is why the X24 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, delivering precise and reliable braking performance, even in challenging weather conditions.

Join us in this celebration of innovation and freedom! Make sure to visit ENGWE's official US and EU website today to explore the captivating X-Series. Embark on an electrifying journey and discover a whole new way to experience the world around you. Get ready to ride into a future of unparalleled adventures with the ENGWE X-Series e-bikes!

August 07, 2023 — Market Engwe