Starting from the launch of the new product P275 on February 19, Engwe has provided active and preferential promotions for new and old customers, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate experience of P275 Pro and P275 ST electric commuter bikes at an affordable price. Now the event has entered the final countdown stage! There are only 2 days left for the Engwe P2725 promotion to end. If you miss this opportunity, you will no longer be able to buy Engwe P275 at such a discounted price.

What is the Engwe P275 Promotion?

In order to give back to new and old customers, Engwe provides a promotion specifically for P275 urban e-bike. The specific content of the Engwe P275 promotion is: providing a discount of 300 euros to early bird customers who purchase Engwe P275 Pro and Engwe P275 ST. That is, during the event, customers can purchase the P275 Pro for 1,899 euros and the P275 ST for 1,599 euros.

This promotion is from February 19, 2024 to March 17, 2024, and the final countdown has now entered! There are only 2 days left in the event, so seize the last chance!

engwe p275 promotion

Why Choose Engwe P275 Pro and P275 ST?

If you are in need of an electric bike to relieve the stress of your daily commute, then the P275 Pro and P275 ST are definitely good choices, not only because they are currently very affordable, but also because they have many advantages over other similar products.

1. Well-known Bike Components

Engwe P275 Pro and P275 ST are both elite-made electric bikes, using a variety of well-known bike components, ensuring high quality and high performance:

- Mid-drive motor: The Engwe P275 Pro uses a 250W Bafang mid-drive motor with a torque of 65N.m, and the P275 ST uses a 250W Ananda mid-drive motor with a torque of 70N.m. They increase the efficiency of e-bikes on a variety of terrains, provide a more natural riding experience, and are easier to maintain. With Bafang and Ananda's high-torque mid-drive motors, the P275 electric commuter bike can make riding easier and enhance the commuting experience.

- Gates Carbon Drive belt: The P275 Pro uses a Gates Carbon Drive belt. This belt is maintenance-free, durable, lightweight, free of grease or oil, and weather-resistant, providing a smooth, quiet, and efficient riding experience. Carbon drive systems are popular among city and commuter bikes.

- Samsung Cells Lithium-ion Battery: Engwe P275 electric bikes all use 19.2Ah Samsung cell lithium-ion battery. Samsung is known for producing high-quality electronic components, with lithium-ion batteries being one of its main products and enjoying a high reputation in the industry. The 19.2Ah Samsung cell lithium-ion battery increases the battery life of the P275 e-bikes, allowing them to cover a range of up to 260 kilometers (161 miles) in ECO pedal assist mode. This range is unmatched by other similar e-bikes.

In addition to these, Engwe P275 city e-bikes also use well-known bicycle components such as Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Selle Royal saddle, Air seatpost, Bafang/Ananda TFT display, etc. to provide riders with a more comfortable and relaxed riding experience. To learn more about P275 e-bike components, you can read: Engwe P275: Unique E-bike with Noted Bike Components.

a man rides an engwe p275 pro

2. Up to 260km Cruising Range

Engwe P275 Pro and P275 ST have excellent battery life. In Eco pedal assist mode, a fully charged P275 can travel up to 260 kilometers on flat terrain. This range is unrivaled among electric commuter bikes. This is undoubtedly the best option for people with range anxiety.

3. Electric Assistance, Sweat-free Riding

P275 electric bikes have 5 pedal assist modes to reduce the rider's stress and burden through electric assistance. With electric assistance, riders can cope with different road conditions more easily and efficiently, while extending the riding mileage. With the P275, riders can enjoy an easy ride and achieve a sweat-free journey.

4. Efficient Torque, Natural Riding

Both the Engwe P275 Pro and P275 ST have very efficient torques of 65 N.m and 70N.m respectively. E-bikes equipped with higher torque values have better acceleration and climbing capabilities, providing a more natural and efficient riding experience.

5. Low Maintenance Cost

Components and designs such as the mid-drive motor and Gates Carbon Drive belt of P275 Pro and ST can greatly reduce the maintenance costs of electric bicycles, including time and money costs. For busy office workers or people who want to reduce maintenance costs, P275 is the ideal travel companion.

6. Comfortable Riding Experience

A good urban e-bike must be able to provide riders with a comfortable riding experience, make commuting easier and more enjoyable, and bring good experience and mood to riders. The P275 is this kind of city e-bike, which can make daily commuting more enjoyable.

Enjoy the Ultimate Experience Brought by P275 E-bike

Buy Engwe P275 before the final countdown ends! This Engwe P275 promotion has a very big discount, which is a rare opportunity for you to get a high-quality electric commuter bike at a favorable price. Don't miss this last chance! Buy early and enjoy your commute sooner.

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