At ENGWE, we are thrilled to unveil our highly anticipated annual limited edition models, the X26 & X24 Ymir e-bikes. This exciting launch represents our commitment to delivering innovative solutions for short trips that inspire people to explore new horizons.

We invite everyone to join the excitement by participating in our X26 & X24 Ymir Release Promotion. Sign up between October 16th and October 29th for a chance to be one of ten lucky winners who will receive a limited edition X26 or X24 Ymir e-bike.

The striking color design of these limited edition e-bikes draws inspiration from the mysterious blue ice of winter, aligning perfectly with the season's aesthetics. We named them 'Ymir' after the giant in Norse mythology, symbolizing the reliable strength we strive to build into our e-bikes.

The ENGWE X26 Ymir offers the most powerful e-bike experience available for around 2000. With its remarkable brushless gear motor and Dual Battery system providing a full week of operation per charge, the X26 Ymir delivers unmatched power. ENGWE e-bikes provide three times the power and double the battery life compared to other models.

As a reliable partner for winter adventures, the X26 Ymir features 26x4.0-inch fat tires for enhanced stability and resilience on any terrain. For safety, it comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for precise, reliable braking even in poor weather.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore a new way this winter with the ENGWE X26 & X24 Ymir limited edition e-bikes, available on our US and EU official websites. Sign up between October 16-29 for a chance to win and experience their power and versatility firsthand.
oktober 16, 2023 — Market Engwe