Electric bikes have surged in popularity over the years thanks to being such a fun and versatile mode of transportation. Whether they are used for commutes, exercise, or leisure activities, e-bikes continue to garner more fans every year. With their eco-friendly nature and ease of use, e-bikes have captured the interest of a diverse audience, with 2023 being one of the best years yet in terms of new models and sales. So what was the best e bike of 2023? What electric bikes are poised to make waves in 2024? Let's find out and take a peak at the top electric bikes 2023-2024 has brought to us.

Why Choose an Electric Bike?

E-bikes offer numerous benefits that cater to a wide range of lifestyles. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, they present a sustainable alternative to traditional transport methods and allow people to be more independent. Health benefits are also significant, as riding an e-bike contributes to good overall health without the level of strain and exertion a traditional bike requires. E-bikes also cater to various needs based on several factors. By considering lifestyle, terrain, and intended use, it is possible to make electric bikes a practical and versatile choice for many people.

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What Makes a Quality Electric Bike?

Finding the best quality electric bike involves careful consideration of several key features. As you compare your short list of electric bikes, consider these points to help you focus on the best e bikes of 2023-2024:

Battery Life: A long-lasting battery makes it easier to do daily short rides or regular long-distance trips without constantly worrying about charging the bike.

Motor Power: Adequate power is essential for tackling hills and accelerating while also ensuring regular rider and load weight limits are manageable.

Durability and Comfort: A well-built frame and comfortable seating are crucial for regular use and make an e-bike more enjoyable when it is used regularly.

Additional Features: Modern e-bikes come equipped with extras like GPS navigation and enhanced security features, adding value and convenience.

Understanding these specifications allows buyers to make informed decisions, balancing their needs with the capabilities of the best electric bike in their area.

The Best Electric Bikes of 2023-24

2023 saw a plethora of exceptional e-bikes, each standing out in its own right, and 2024 is shaping up to be the same. Here are some of the top electric bikes we think deserve some recognition as the best electric bike of 2023 and beyond:

1. Engwe EP-2 Pro

Ready to feel the wind against your face and satisfy the need for speed? If so, the power and control of this electric bike is exactly what you are looking for. Let's take a peek:


This is a bike designed for the average rider and provides enough power to move without too much control and maneuverability trouble.

As far as versatility of use goes, this e-bike is great for those riders who do both short and long-distance commutes and those who need daily or weekly ride options.

The design and accessories available for this make it easy to customize and get just how you want and easily fit with any biking lifestyle.


The model is a little bulky compared to some more expensive models on the market and can take some getting used to at first.

black engwe ep-2 pro e-bike

2. Aventon Aventure 2

When the desire for a bike ride hits hardest, it is time to get on the best e bike around and cruise around town. Let's take a closer look:


The speed put out by this bike is impressive and is easily controlled, making it ideal for e-bikers of all skill and experience levels.

Improved battery range allows for easier commutes with fewer charges and makes the bike more user-friendly compared to other models.

Metal frame and components are more stable than plastic models while still providing a lighter and more versatile bike for users.


There are other versions and models in this line that have more power and torque if that is the primary factor impacting e-bike selection.

3. Ride1UP 700 Series

When you need the balance of speed, power, and control, this e-bike is one of the best out there. It has something for everyone! Let's have a closer look:


This is a speedy e-bike but never feels overly powerful thanks to easily managed controls and rated tires that roll easily.

The powerful and fast-charging battery offers enough range for multiple days of commuting on average without worrying about daily charging.

The uniquely designed suspension fork is more than many other commute e-bikes provide and make this a very smooth and comfortable ride.


It has a little more assembly than some other DTC e-bikes, but the instructions are pretty detailed and easy to follow right out of the box.

4. Engwe E26

Ideal for all skill and ability level, this bike is packed with amazing features you are sure to love riding day in and day out. Here's what you need to know:


This is a well-rounded bike that offers a lot of speed and durability without the expensive price tag of other e-bikes on the market.

The streamlined frame makes it easier to maneuver the bike and also saves the battery, giving riders more miles per charge than heavier-framed bikes.

Made for medium-distance rides, this is a great e-bike for daily commutes and occasional longer-distance rides in the average terrain setting.


The bike does lack some of the power and pulling capacity of other models and might not be sufficient for some riders needing to haul loads.

blue engwe e26 e-bike

5. RAD Power Bikes RadRunner Plus

Made for beginners and experienced riders alike, this electric bike will serve short, medium, and even longer distance riders well. All it takes is one look to see why:


With a power-house motor, this electric bike can carry loads with ease even up hills and in stop-and-go settings in the city.

The larger wheels and a low-slung frame make this a very well-balanced e bike that handles with ease and that can be used for any biking needs.

With its overall lighter frame, the powerful battery provides plenty of range and can hold a charge for up to several days when needed.


Some riders may prefer to see a more traditional saddle as the standard seat design for this bike can rub a little and be uncomfortable.

Each model brings something unique to the table, from battery longevity and motor efficiency to user-centric features like integrated lighting systems and theft protection. Designed for comfort and usability, the features of these e-bikes are easy to use and adjust to individual comfort and skill level. Check them out and find your first, or new favorite, electric bike today!

Final Thoughts on the Best e Bikes of the Year

Finding the best e-bike of 2023, 2024 and beyond is about matching the bike's capabilities with your individual needs and preferences. With the variety of options available, there's an e-bike out there for everyone. Have you had a memorable experience with an e-bike, or is there a model you're looking forward to trying? Share your thoughts and experiences with us, we'd love to hear about them! For the latest in e-bike reviews and updates, consider signing up for our newsletter or following us on social media. Here at Engwe Bikes we are committed to making sure everyone finds the electric bike that is right for them.

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