1) For orders that fail the 3D verification, please enter the correct verification information or use the
Pay with a verified card
2) Orders whose payment is rejected are generally because the card issuing bank thinks the order is abnormal, and consumers can contact the card issuing bank to solve the problem or pay with another card.
3) Because of the high unit price of our products, the proportion of failed orders with insufficient balance is also high, you can use Klarna installment payment or card payment with sufficient balance
4) The card issuer does not trust the consumer's card number, the cvv is entered incorrectly, or the card does not support overseas payment, and the card limits the maximum consumption amount.
①It is recommended that consumers re-pay after confirming that the card number information is correct;
② Change the card and pay again. For specific failure reasons, you can contact the card issuer to inquire about the failure reasons.

For any other questions,please contact Engwe service:service@engwe-bikes.com

januari 24, 2023 — Market Engwe