We have unveiled three vibrant color choices for its highly regarded ENGWE E26 electric bicycle model: Onyx Black, Bumblebee Yellow, and the eye-catching Gem Blue inspired by Tiffany Blue. With this expanded palette, ENGWE aims to give riders more stylish and personalized options to match their tastes and personalities.

The Gem Blue finish, modeled after the iconic robin's egg blue of Tiffany & Co. jewelry boxes, injects a gorgeous and refined pop of color into the ENGWE E26 design. This unique Tiffany-inspired hue evokes elegance, class, and luxury. Just as Tiffany Blue represents beauty and craftsmanship, Gem Blue on the ENGWE E26 ebikes symbolizes the quality and care put into every bicycle. Riders who value subtle sophistication will appreciate this nod to timeless style.

The lively Bumblebee Yellow delivers maximum visibility and personality for those seeking vibrant energy. Drawing inspiration from the buzzing insect, this sunny tone embodies active adventure. Bumblebee Yellow on the ENGWE E26 fat tire ebike provides a fun, playful aesthetic that injects each ride with optimism and passion. This color also improves road safety by making the bicycle clearly visible.

The Onyx Black option offers understated elegance with its deep, sleek black finish. Channeling classic style, Onyx Black exudes refined confidence and sophistication. This versatile color easily pairs with any outfit or accessory for a polished look. For riders who value simplicity and elegance, Onyx Black is the perfect choice.

Beyond the aesthetics of its new colors, the ENGWE E26 outdoor ebike still provides the excellent performance ENGWE is known for. The powerful 250W motor propels riders to zippy speeds up to 25km/h and handles inclined terrain with ease thanks to 70Nm of torque. The long-lasting battery enables an impressive 140km range per charge, making it ideal for extended adventures and commutes.

The ENGWE E26 outdoor ebike comes equipped with premium components that ensure smooth, stable, and controlled rides, including front and rear suspension that absorbs shocks, hydraulic brakes for superior stopping power, a 7-speed Shimano gear system for effortless shifting, and a sturdy rear rack capable of carrying 55 lbs for cargo versatility.

The colorways are available on ENGWE E26 fat tire ebike models with both step-through and step-over frames in sizes to fit riders of all heights. Whether you prefer the practicality of a step-through or the athletic aesthetic of a step-over, the E26 has a color and style for you.

We are offering an exclusive early-bird discount to celebrate the E26 early-bird promotion and launch of these inspired colors. For E26 purchases made between September 11th and 27th, customers can enjoy €100 off in Europe. ENGWE also gives away 10 free E26 e-bikes in the debut colors and other prizes.

With the introduction of Onyx Black, Bumblebee Yellow, and Gem Blue, ENGWE has given the versatile, powerful E26 a stylish new look. The ENGWE E26 in any color remains the ultimate e-bike for commuting, recreation, and adventure. But with expanded color options inspired by elegance, energy, and vision, riders can now choose a stylishly personalized E26 that best represents their individuality.

wrzesień 14, 2023 — Market Engwe