We are all set to revolutionize the electric mobility experience with irresistible offers, slashing prices by up to $500 & €500. This is an unprecedented opportunity for both electric bike enthusiasts and newcomers to embrace the future of urban transportation with our advanced, sustainable e-bikes.

Our Black Friday extravaganza features an extensive selection of 33 premium products, ensuring there's a perfect ENGWE e-bike for every rider's preference and lifestyle. The celebrated ENGWE EP-2 Pro is at the forefront of our promotion, boasting a powerful motor that promises a range of up to 120KM and a top speed of 25KM/h, complemented by front suspension and a foldable frame for ultimate convenience.

Similarly, the ENGINE PRO offers comparable specifications but adds full suspension for a seamlessly smooth ride. For those in pursuit of compact efficiency, the Engine X is an excellent choice, with its 250W motor, 100KM range, full suspension, and a foldable design for effortless portability.

Trailblazers will be drawn to our ENGWE X26/X24/X20 series, featuring a potent motor and a triple suspension system, all packaged in a foldable e-bike designed for the adventurer. The ENGWE L20 takes range to new heights with a 140KM capability, while its step-thru design and front suspension make it a stylish city companion.

The long-range ENGWE M20, equipped with a dual-suspension and a 250W motor, delivers an impressive 150KM range (75KM+75KM), perfect for both extended journeys and daily commutes. For the urbanite, the ENGWE C20 Pro is the epitome of urban cycling – light, agile, and efficient, with a 120KM range and a front suspension for navigating city streets.

For the adventurers, the ENGWE E26 with its dual suspension and 250W motor is ready for all terrains, offering a 140KM range. The ENGWE O14 and P26 are designed for urban riders, offering convenient foldability and front suspension, with ranges of 82KM and 100KM respectively.

And let's not overlook the compact ENGWE Y10 e-scooter and the ENGWE S6 seated e-scooter – the former with a 350W motor and a 65KM range, and the latter with a 500W motor for urban cruising up to 35KM.

The clock is ticking, and these deals won't last forever. Upgrade your ride, conquer new paths, and step into a new age of eco-friendly travel with ENGWE. Take action now and join ENGWE to make this Black Friday a milestone for smart and green travel.
ноябрь 21, 2023 — Market Engwe