[UK]Lithium-ion Battery


Battery 16 ah  :   No stock,estimated in-stock at the end of September.

Battery 13 ah   No stock,estimated in-stock at the end of September.

Battery 19.2 ah  : No stock,eestimated in-stock at the end of September.

Battery 12.8 ah: No stock,estimated in-stock at the end of September.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no charger, if you don't have the matching charger, please purchase it additionally.


*Shipping included and duty free.
*Delivered from Poland warehouse, and you can receive the ebikes in about 7 working days.

*BATTERY FOR  ENGINE PRO(new version with 16ah battery) or Ep-2 pro(new version with 13ah battery), it is not available for 12.8ah version engine pro or ep-2 pro

*Due to bank control, if your first two payments fail, please try a third time. If the third payment continues to fail, please write to our customer service: service@engwe-bikes.com  , we will provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

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Powerful Battery

The reliable high-density removable lithium battery, ensures the safety of the electric system.

Charging Time And Cruising Range

About 5-6 hours. 

Convenient And Safe

The battery hidden in the frame can be locked, taken out and charged at home and office.


  • The electric bicycle battery only match its corresponding model Electric Bike.
  • The e-bike battery should be promptly charged, charging is finished when the red light is off and green light is on.
  • Do not over-discharge the battery, over-discharge will harm the battery badly.
  • In case of the wastage of electric quantity during the storage and transportation, the battery should be recharged before using.


  • 1 Year coverage on electrical components.
  • 1 Year coverage on mechanical components.


  • Free Shipping and duty free.

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