Engine Pro combo (Upgraded Version)

1000W(PEAK) Fat Foldable E-Bike 16Ah 120km

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Engine Pro Black: No Stock, expected to be in stock in early June.
Engine Pro Gray: No Stock, expected to be in stock in early June.
Engine Pro Blue: No Stock, expected to be in stock in early June.


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Note: Display  KD986 or BC281 will be shipped randomly, they have the same function.

Download The Ebikes Owner's Manual here: ENGINE_Pro_Manual

Download The LCD Owner's Manual here: KD986_Manual or BC281 Manual

Engwe Engine Pro Unboxing, Assembly Tutorial

How to set the instrument to limit the speed to 25km/h, please refer to the following video, starting from 23:20: video

Question:How to activate the throttle of Engwe ebike?

If you need to Activate the throttle, please do it as the attached video shows.
Here are the main steps for you.Please press the brake handle and turn the throttle to the max at the same time, turn on the power,you will see error 22 on the display.Keep the error 22 blinking for about 8 seconds, then lose the brake handle and the throttle. DONE, please see this video

Questions:Why the engine makes a strange noise when accelerating, which is a little like vibration?

Answers:In general, because our ebike is powerful and the flywheel rotates noisily, it does not affect the normal use. Please do not worry. If you are really worried, please take a video and contact our customer service team: service@engwe-bikes.com

Question:Engine Pro headset - how to properly adjust it and also how to install it on a brand new bike?

Answer:Video available here

Question : How long does it takes to receive the placed order?

Answer: In general, orders typically process within 1-2 business day and delivery time is typically 7-10 days. If your order is in stock and you don’t receive tracking number after 3 business days, please contact our  after-sales service team for tracking information.

Customer service email: service@engwe-bikes.com

Question 2: Why did my payment fail?

Answer: It may be that the network is unstable, please try to change the browser or try again after a while, or log in with another email address and try to place the order.

Question 3: Can I use installment payment?

Answer:It is available only in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Finland at the moment and we will introduce Klarna to other EU country soon. Once other countries have opened Klarna, we will update the website accordingly

Question 4: I have not received the order confirmation and tracking number information, how can I get it?

Answer: Please don’t worry. You just need to contact our customer service staff to provide you with the order number and tracking number.

Customer service email: service@engwe-bikes.com

Question 5: What method can I use to pay?

Answer: We mainly accept the payment via PayPal and credit card.

You can make the payment via Klarna, PayPal,AE, JCB, Discover Diners club, Visa, Master card, Maestro...

Question 6: How to charge is the correct charging method?

Answer: Please check the following link to teach you how to charge properly and use it safely.


Question 7: Can I modify the bike by myself, such as brakes, chains, gears, generators?

Answer: If you are not familiar with the performance of the bicycle, we recommend not to modify it at will. If you must modify it, please contact our customer service staff to verify whether it can be modified.

customer service email: service@engwe-bikes.com

Question 8: Is it possible to disable the throttle?


EP-2 PRO: While pressing the brake handle, turn the handle to the maximum, then turn on the power switch of the display, and release the brake handle and the throttle handle after 8 seconds.

ENGINE PRO : Simply unplug the handlebar connector.

Question 9: I need to buy parts, how can I buy them?

Answer: We recommend that you consult with the corresponding seller to purchase. If your seller does not provide it, you can contact


Question 10: My bicycle chain is scratching with the wheel, so I can't change gears, and the derailleur looks deformed, what should I do?

Answer: If the derailleur guard touches the derailleur screw, the derailleur guard needs to be pulled out. In order to maintain a distance of 15mm between the transmission and the protection device.




Expanded length:1750mm

Folded length:1040mm

Handle to floor (lowest):1230mm

Handle to floor (top):1300mm

Seat to Floor (Lowest):860mm

Seat to Floor (Highest):1080mm

Pedals to floor (lowest):120mm

Width of handlebar bars:570mm

handlebar to seat:515mm

seat length:260mm

Seat width:200mm

Length of rear storage rack:343mm

Width of rear storage rack:175mm

battery size:417*57*113mm

Dimensions of the box:1430*300*700mm

bike weight:32.7kg

package weight:38.5kg



Range: 50-60km (electric mode); 100-120km (pas mode)
- New 750W Powerful Motor with 1000W Peak power
- 20x4.0 All Terrain Fat Tires
- 3 Step Alloy Foldable new upgraded Frame
- Front & Rear Suspensions
- New upgraded high quality more comfortable Seat with springs
- 48.V 16Ah Lithium Ions Removalble Battery new better cells
- Front and rear hydraulic breaks
- Cruise Control
- New Color LCD Display with light sensor
- 8 Speed System



Delivered from Poland warehouse, and you can  receive the ebikes in about 7-10 working days.(Remote areas and islands are not within the delivery range.)

If you would like to know more about our shipping policy, please click on SHIPPING POLICY.



ENGINE Pro Ebike *1
16 Ah Battery *1
Battery Charger *1
Assembly Tools *1
Pedals *2
Handle Bars Shipped Installed On Bike *1
English User Manual *1
English Display Manual *1
*Please Note, there are 2 types of displays. They will be shipped out randomly


Side-By-Side Comparison

Engine Pro EP-2PRO
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Rear Shock Absorber
Shock AbsorptionFront Fork Hydraulic Fork Spring
Strong Back Seat
Color Display
USB Charge

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
très satisfait

je suis ravi des 2 Engwe engine pro
une bonne autonomie malgré sa forte puissance
j ai juste rajouté des clignotants et des rétroviseurs pour rouler en sécurité
la livraison parfaite car les vélos sont très bien emballés
très satisfait de mon achat

regis girard
une bete

super content du velo 200kms fait sans un seul pepin c'est du beau travail je mesure 1.82 et pese 110kgs il est fait pour moi.Merci

Agustin Perujo
Son geniales

Las bicicletas son geniales, aun que en una de ellas se ha estropeado la unidad de control que pronto darán solución, aun así estamos encantados.

Engine Pro Combo, Costumer service and shipment to the Netherlands

We had some problems with shipment, but Engwe solved this really good. We ordered the Engine Pro combo on march 14th, but due to the weight of both bikes, it got returned to the warehouse. I`ve contacted Engwe through e-mail and they responded within a day.
They offered 2 options for shipment to resend the bikes. Sadly we couldn't chose for our option, because they couldn't promise us that the bikes would be send to the right deposit site in our country. The only option was to send it through UPS with an extra fee ($120 ) or get a complete refund.
We didn't accept that, because the shipment should be free and we wanted the bikes. As an extra problem, the blue Engine Pro bike wasn't in stock anymore, so we needed to pick a different color as well.
We've asked them to look out for the returned blue bike, because our son wanted the blue bike. To compensate us Engwe send the bikes in 2 shipments with UPS with no extra costs. That is good costumer service! It need to be said, because some Engwe reviews are very bad regarding their costumer service. We didn't experience that at all. Engwe communicates if you communicate and offers a good solution for both. Also need to be said that Engwe provide us with the latest updates through e-mail regarding the shipment. Thank you for that!

The first bike we recieved March 30. Well packed and all the parts were there. It took us about 30-45 minutes to asemble the bike. We used youtube to assemble the bike.
The second bike came April 3rd. The box was damaged but the bike came out very well. After a test run we found out that the steer was damaged. This problem was in the ball bearing of the steer. I think due to the shipment the ballbearing became damaged. We didn't contact Engwe, because we solved the problem ourself. I bought 2 new ball bearings and it was quite easy to solve this. I've replaced the plastic ring, which was broken and replaced it for an aluminum ring. Cost: 6,50 euro.
We are very happy with both bikes. The battery performs very good in "eco" mode. My son uses the bike a lot for his delivery job.
The bike is solid! Better then the EP2-Pro. Better brakes, better shifting gears, color display, hydraulic brakes. The only con is that the bike isn allowed here on the road due to the powerfull electric motor of 750 W. The engine is stronger and picks up speed really quick. The display is in color and you can adjust a lot of things. The speedlimit doesn't work that good. The bike accelerates to the max and after pressing the brakes the speedlimit kicks in. The brakes are much better then the EP2 Pro. You might wanna adjust them because they can make some sound after assembly. You'll have to fine tune them a little bit.
The battery takes about 6 a 7 hours of charging.

Fantastic bikes

Fantastic bikes, one arrived with a small defect, but with the customer service they removed the defect in a very short time.
My wife and my little Schnauzer are very happy, and now we travel together.
All praise and warm recommendation.