Welcome to the review of the Engwe ep2 pro ebike. And this is what i'm going to call a premium quality build with the budget price because this ebike has much more better build quality than a lot of bikes in this price category and you are going to find out why i'm calling it this way.
First We're going to start with the technical specifications so it has a 48 volt battery with 13 amp capacity.It has a 750 watt motor in the rear hub the motor,is geared which means that it has a planetary gear set and that makes it have a lot more torque than a similar hub motor so it's not direct drive. It has gears this makes it bit more noisy but has much more performance when you go uphill or when you carry big loads onthe bike. The bike can be easily unlocke and has a programmable controller.
We are going to enter details later and you can actually unlock the full speed of the bike, and it will do 45 kilometers per hour very easy.The drive train is comprised of one to seven gears rear gears are shimano index it with a quick shifter that has speed indication here.The braking system is kind of standard it has this skin uh front and rear 160 millimeters and they are cable mechanical disc brakes. Nothing too fancy there but they do have a different type of caliper that you don't see on all other bikes. It's a bit better caliper and it still has one fixed brake pad and one moving pad although it still has a departing spring here that should kind of push a bit the fixed plate back, so you might say that until now there's nothing so special about this bike and it's pretty standard and similar with other bikes well here the difference stops. And we are going to start with the details so first we get a front suspension shock absorber that has both preload
and justment and locking and locking works pretty nice. It has a simple position.
Here you lock unlock the suspension,preload works really nice so you can adjust the suspension really well,then you get pedals that are not fully plastic like on all the other bikes.This one actually have metal hub aluminium hub and. They are of course foldable but they are really good quality and look really nice in position.And they don't have any kind of play don't have any kind of funny noise
and work really nice. So usually when we change the pedals on bikes to try to
search for this model well. This bike come standard with them so then this
bike also gets mud guards as standard and they are not the cheap plastic ones
or short ones sport ones they are truly metal and thick mud guards that cover most of your wheel.And they are beside being very sturdy also very well fixed. You have this bracing metal here you have here screw another screw here so they will not come off and they will not vibrate or rattle pretty good.And the same in front still the same metal type mudguard and it's bolted really good in the front there and also has the bracket there supporting it no vibration no noises no rattle If you're still not convinced yet then have a look at its folding handlebar you get folding handle bar on all bikes usually nowadays, but they have a small clip here this one has a thumb part here so you can easy push this and fold it back and also they have a safety that goes over this to hold it in place. So you don't accidentally hit it and get this folded when you ride.They also have this but this one goes under the clip and goes in that position there so it gets a nice design without something that holds this ugly on the outside is discreet on the inside,and now look at the saddle beside having very nice and soft cushions,and
white stitches and vent here it also has under neath springs real springs that compress and make your ride a lot more softer.And this gets you a lot of comfort
Another improvement is the stem here so you don't scratch the seat post,it has
an internal nylon insert so this slides in really well in, and out you might say that
this could easily slide in when you adjust it well,and if this is adjusted properly it will not slip inside even if you go off-road and yet it protects this and keeps it  nice for a long time in the front. You are also going to get a very powerful headlight and this has a very powerful led and something like a lens or something but this really lights up things so even with this integrated standard headlight.You can actually ride this at night time in safety so that's very good and it also has a safety reflector so if your battery runs out or you forgot to turn
on the light or anything else you also have a reflector here making it a lot more safe at night time, and that's not all you also get a rear tail lamp here that red and when you use the brake levers this also acts as a brake light so it has several other leds that will turn on making this similar with a bike motorbike and
a lot more safe during the night time, and even in the day time as this will turn on red when you brake so the cars and the other riders will know what your intentions are.
Another nice addition is this display which you might not see it in daytime,but this is actually really readable in the daytime by your eyes and it has a lot of functions.Besides,having by default five assisted gears it also has several functions such as odometer maximum speed every speed trip and so on. And from this button here you can control everything you can switch the assisted modes and the top speed also you can power it on power it off and then you can turn on the lights. And everything is here just in this console here it has two buttons on the side two buttons here and one button here but the screen is
really nice,and it's really readable also it has a dimming function so if it's night time and you turn on the lights this will automatically dim like on a car so you
can see better and you are not distracted by it, it will not be very bright in your eyes so you can concentrate on the road so yet another nice features sadly our camera shows something black here probably because this also has a kind of
polarized glass and this will not allow light to be seen on the camera none the less.It's really visible by your eyes in the daytime if you're still not convinced yet then look at this so you have the charging port here and there is a problem on most of the bikes you get a charging cap that is either lost or you are going to lose it or they don't come with a charging cap well this one beside having a charging cap that really goes in and also insulates the frame and the plug itself because it has a really advanced design this also has a latch and a screw that holds it in place so even if you forget to put this back you are not going to lose it, so that's really really nice and unseen until now you might say that this is just a cheap thing well if it's a cheap thing why don't you put it on all the bikes and only on this one i have seen this design so pretty amazing stuff,then you also get the key the battery is in the frame,it's removable and it's also lockable,you can switch the power off take the key out the bike will not start without the key or it has a locking pin you can unlock the battery and take it out.Otherwise you can also lock it in the frame with the battery turned off or leave it that way and no one could start the bike without the key still not convinced yet where there are some other things so you get this language carrier included with the bike so pretty good value as languages such as this one range from 30 40 50 dollars if you want to fit of the bike directly, so this one specially designed for the bike as it fits here it fits here doesn't rattle and it's very solid it will hold a lot of weight and it also has a special support for the tail lamp. It also has a support for license plate.And for safety you also get a wheel side reflector again with pedal reflector so this is very safe at night time and also forgot to tell you that this tail lamp that has leds that light up with the front light and it has also brake light, it also has reflectors so if you don't turn this on or if you don't have battery,this one will shine with the up coming lights and you are going to be very safe at night time still not convinced yet where there is more for instance, this clamp here that holds the folding frame,you know that on all my bikes this goes and hits the frame when you close it and makes a hell of a noise and you need to put a pad here otherwise this clamp will hit the frame and take away the paint well.This one is specially designed it doesn't touch actually the bike it locks into position it's now locked you can see we can unlock it and now we can lock it back, but it doesn't make a noise and doesn't hit the paint and it locks with this safety latch,it's a small difference in design,but it's a lot more better than what i've seen until now so this really makes us interested a lot more in this bike than on rest of the other bikes because there are very small differences yet they make a huge overall difference so enough with the talk.
And now let's ride it and see how it works: as an idea i weight over 90 kilograms
close to 95 this also has around three four kilograms so plenty of weight to be put on this bike i'm going to start with level one assistance and not going to use the electric so i'm just going to pedal and the electric has kicked in very quickly
and this rides very very smooth.It's very comfortable and that's because of the seat and the front suspension,it's with the fat tires so nice that you actually
don't even feel the need to have a rear suspension.It's simply simply pleasant
and this is not a very straight road,it has some gravel has some rocks some bumps but this feels really nice so on the first gear assisted gear you can easily just start to pedal and you are going to ride the bike and now on the second gear
it picks up the speed and power it gets a lot more dynamic on the third you'll get a lot of extra speed and this is not the place that usually ride bikes,but this has so much power with that motor you really feel that power and you get some really nice acceleration also and i'm only on the third gear,so let's go to fourth gear,wow that is really nice! I need to change gears because i can not pedal that fast now this is better and the brakes also work really nice,they have a lot of stopping power to 45 kilometers per hour, because i have unlimited the speed on
the bike that's up to you to do depends on your area of where you are from.
And now you also have this so if i'm on the first level here first gear and i use just the accelerator,now the bike is very slow and docile so this will also limit the electrical acceleration so if i go to second gear.Now i get better acceleration and more speed if i go to third gear even more powerful acceleration and more speed fourth gear.It gets interesting and thick gear,it's kind of a suicide gear because it's not this road is not for doing 45 kilometers per hour especially if you don't know it, yes you can go exploring and on fifth gear you don't have to accelerate to maximum, you can just have the power reserve, because on fifth gear it also accelerates a lot more powerful than it does on the first gear,so the gears don't only limit power but for speed actually they don't own limit speed, but they also limit acceleration power and that's great because you can manage your throttle much more better this way.And let's also have some forest fun
not that this is too offroad for this bike but this is a good road to test it out
because there are some branches some bumps and you need to use the brakes a lot, and i'm going to get scratched on the left and that was kind of a dead end so let's try this one much more better. It handles very good,you can corner it pretty fast for an ebike that's not very sporty, for this is of course heavy being
electric but you get very good cornering with it,and the brakes again,i can tell you that they work better than the regular chip brakes and it's good that i have tested the bike here because i found its first one until now. And that is a strange rattle noise so if you are hearing a rattle noise well this is a common issue and there's the battery jumping into the frame because that's metal over metal so that makes a sound,so that's very easy to sort out.You just take it out, take the battery out,put a bit of padding on it and there's not going to be any kind of
strange noise after that another thing,this is no it's not a pronor a con it's just an observation on all electric scooters and electric bikes usually when you get them
new they have reversed brakes so you have here the on the left part here you have the rear brake while on the right side here you get the front brake well on
this bike.They are actually reversed,so it's kind of normal to have them this
way but using bikes and scooter for several years with reverse brakes now
it's kind of weird to have them in the normal position so reversed as i've got
used with them i'm probably going to end up reversing them that's because i break a lot with the rear wheel and just gently with the front wheel and now i'm tempted to brake very hard with the front wheel so you can potentially do
something really bad,lock up the front wheel and fall with the bike so you
should take caution with that if you get this bike and you're accustomed to having brake levers in the opposite way.

Riding on the asphalt is very relaxing and pleasant,it's obvious as this ebike is very comfortable on bad roads but on asphalt it's super nice with five tires with front suspension ,this is super comfortable with that seat with springs in it,you can barely feel this it's just like floating on air because you have lots of air in those tires so it's really nice and i like the fact that being a motor that it's geared this one also has a one-way clutch so if you don't pedal.
If you don't pedal and just stop and the motor stops the bike will still roll on
and it will not have any kind of drag it works like a regular bike that is because the motor disengages mechanically from the wheel and doesn't put any kind of
resistance so this is very economical on long roads and with the assisted mode you can get a lot of range out of this bike for now.I will not state any kind of range even though there are ranges specified in the producer data sheet but i can tell you that i already did 10 kilometers on this trip and i still have a full battery and you have seen how i ride this bike on off-road another thing that i like is the controller, because it has five assisted modes and with those you can easily adjust the pedaling effort and correlate it with the assisted gear so if you want to go fast slow doesn't matter you can always find a good combination between the shifter and the gears here usually on assisted bikes you get
one two and maybe three assisted gears but usually you don't get five years so you can pedal very very slow on first gear and that is something like let's see
t's about 10 kilometers per hour or eight kilometers actually let's see i'm going to try to go spend it so it does eight kilometers per hour so you can go assist it very slow then on the second level you get something like 12 15 kilometers per hour let's check that let's pedal and that's actually 13, and on third gear we get eighteen nineteen so almost then on fourth you guess 2025 the legal assistant speed and on the fifth year it goes insane and tries to put all that it can offer.
And now it's time for some conclusions so as you can see,it's a pretty dynamic for a fat bike it goes fast it accelerates it can tackle any kind of terrain, it goes off-road, it goes great on-road,and it's pretty fast it's super comfortable, the front suspension works really nice, locking feature works pre-loaded works very nice,
this seat it's very comfortable with that those springs inside and combined with the fat tire on the rear makes it very nice and soft ride for the very comfortable ride,the handlebar also helps you a lot because it's a very tall handlebar and it has this curved rise type handlebar thing,and it also adjusts a lot on height and if you are a very tall person you can ride this with no problem because you have a lot of adjustment here and also the same goes for the seat post it has a very long pipe and you can make this very tall,so if you have over two meters it will not be a problem to ride this bike and to sit perfectly on it also if you are not very tall and you let this down you still get a very nice feeling with the hands straight up like riding a chopper. You are not bent over like on a sport bicycle or doing
something like fast cruising when your back is like this and you are over there just gripping the handle bar now you sit in an upright position very comfortable for very long roads and you just pedal along nicely with your hands in a comfortable position so everything on this bike is very good regardless if you're small or tall.This is the ebike that you are going to find very nice to ride on the cones are just a few it's this one and it's a rattle noise but it's from this wire and
there's a zip tie here i'm going to cut this and place it in another position to keep the wire further from them, and the noise will be not present anymore so that's easy to solve, there is the rattle from the battery,that's going to be also very easy to fix and i had one a strange problem with this bike the package was very heavy and the delivery guy that brought the ebike couldn't do something with it with the package and he just tumbled the box around like what it was being round, but it was a big square box and the bike was around and around and around and around it was very very well packed so there was, it wasn't any kind of damage present on the bike no scratches no dance nothing but i had a problem with the rear delayer it wasn't going on the last three or four gears there and looking at it
at first looking, i wasn't able to see the problem the problem was that this protector here was bent and when the was coming this way wash it,so i bent its lightly back up and now it changes fine without any kind of gear adjustment or
cable adjustment anything so it was very well adjusted before the event and even with this band bent it back,and it's work it works now perfectly so that was it.
Then see you and bye bye
junio 27, 2022 — Market Engwe
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