More and more people like to start commuting to work with electric bicycles.

ENGWE P26 with its lightweight frame, sleek design, and proven power train, this commuter bike wowed us in how it delivers power and range for urban and suburban commuters to relish.

Amidst the boom in e-bike sales, riders are increasingly seeking a lightweight commuter bike that handles like a regular commuter bike, and gives them at least 30 miles of power assist.

Best city bikes ENGWE P26 :

The P26 is a mid/large commuter bike that does a good job of hiding the fact that it's an e-bike. Slightly heavier weight with aluminum frame, 26" wheels. Removable 36V 17Ah Li-Ion battery (P26) Lighter than most e-bikes when loading it on a bike rack or pushing it up the stairs to your apartment. 18.6 MPH The maximum speed is 250W motor (500W peak value) with a multi-functional LCD display to better observe the riding situation of the electric vehicle.


The battery configuration is 36V 17Ah rated capacity, and the front suspension can last for 100 KM. color of car popular with young people 2 Color Options & Upgraded Paint,The paint was changed from a single coat of spray paint to 4 coats of spray paint and 4 bakes toenhance the durability of the color and make it less susceptible to discoloration. Two 26x1.95-inch tires make the ride more effortless, suitable for all-terrain routes. It has mountain tires and wheels and double shock absorption to ensure a comfortable ride. 

The electric commuter bike sells for around $1200, which is a huge discount over the competition, and we qualify to sell in the US, UK, EU, etc.


p26 commuter electric bikes

  • -REMOVABLE 36V 17Ah Lithium-Ion BATTERY
  • -500W Peak Brushless Gear Motor
  • -Up to 18.6+MPH
  • -Multifunction LCD display 

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In summary, great seller and great bike! I highly recommend this Engwe to anyone looking for a bike that looks and performs as well as those costing hundreds more.

For eBike commuters, the time is now

There's never been a better time to consider an eBike as an alternative to your car commute - it's faster, easier, and more convenient than ever! The team at engwe can help you choose the right gear for bicycle commuting. Write or call anytime for guidance.

febrero 09, 2023 — Market Engwe